No Book Reviews For Amazon Writers

It is always that one that screws it up for everyone.

Recently Amazon has been deleting book reviews off of author’s page. Some disgruntled, jealous and bitter wanna be writers (as well as their stans) have written some bad reviews on author’s sites in the hopes of decreasing their sales. Really? How lame are you seriously? If you spent the time writing novels as much as you do coming up with these vindictive reviews you probably would have a bomb as novel to sell….just sayin. Key word being probably.

To put a hold onto the problem Amazon has got a new program that pings them when a review is sounding strange. I unfortunately don’t know the magic words but I have read a few people complain about their reviews being deleted. It’s sad that a small group is making this happen but it is what it is Amazon has a business and reputation to keep up.

Have you noticed reviews being deleted? Do you think Amazon is right for deleting revuews they feel fake?

Peace and luv!


5 thoughts on “No Book Reviews For Amazon Writers

  1. blackceezar says:

    Amazon should do that with everything. I do think some reviews, more so the bad ones, are just too personal even if they are accurate “complaints” and less criticisms. If people are going to buy the book or even like them it’s going to happen more matter how many bad reviews are posted, just look at Twilight.

    • Exactly. I think that a lot of people grow some serious balls and hide behind their keys with the purpose of saying anything negative no matter what it is. It’s sad that a few bad ones messes it up for everyone else. It is like they have nothing better to do.

  2. Ebony Iman says:

    I’ve had two reviews deleted from my author page on Amazon. I was wondering what the problem was, and when I tried to contact customer service, they weren’t any help. But, now it makes some sense to me. My reviews weren’t “bad” but they weren’t glowing either. I guess Amazon was laying down the law.

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