Write or Type?

Which do you prefer when writing a novel, writing on a pad of paper and pen or using your keyboard? I personally have to physically write my first draft. It’s therapeutic for me. I am a person who swears she has adult ADHD. I cannot sit still to save my life but put a pen and paper in front of me and everything slows down. I tried to sit down at an empty computer screen and I sat there for three hours and nothing. But as soon as I grab a pen creative ish spills out.

Either way is neither write or wrong long as your novel comes out. We all have quirks, it gets us in line with our creativeness. There are disadvantages and advantages to each but we have the same goal, to write bomb ish! Which do you prefer?

Peace and luv!


5 thoughts on “Write or Type?

  1. Kyra Bandte says:

    I prefer typing because I can get it all out faster. When I’m using pen and paper my mind goes much faster than my hands can write it all down and then I find myself analysing my words and my writing style instead of just letting it flow out of me.

  2. reikiheidi says:

    I like writing on paper first… because when you start redrafting, you’ve still got everything there, instead of hitting ‘delete’, and can pick and choose different bits from your writing, to reshape and perfect. Once you hit the ‘delete’ button, the words are gone forever! I’ve often gone back and picked a line from a first draft that I originally crossed out. And I think it’s nice to see the evolution of your writing, the way a piece has been formed… like a journey in itself.

    • I forgot that reason in my post. I have so many notebooks in my closet of old works I have done. Every once in awhile I skim thru them and say ‘wow I did that’. Whether that is a good thing or not….

      But you are right it is easier to have it in writing because when you erase it on the computer you’re not getting it back.

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