Ebooks Outselling Physical Books? B&N Says

Recently Barnes & Nobles put out a statement admitting that for their fourth quarter ebooks have out sold their physical books! If someone would have told me a few years ago that ebooks would outsell physical books I would have rolled my eyes and chucked up the deuces.

Now in 2011 I’m starting to believe ebooks will kill all physical books. If you don’t agree let me point out some things to explain my little theory. A week ago local schools in my community have decided to stop teaching cursive writing. Work with me there’s more. But why stop teaching it if they were not planning on keeping physical books?

Schools are giving 5 year olds iPads instead of books to do their classroom work on. 5 year olds? Good luck with that one!

Libraries are allowing people to check out ebooks. And the last reason I feel that physical books will become extinct is book stores and newspapers are getting shut down all over.

Personally I’m not fond of ebooks. But I’m a writer and on the business side of the writing game I have to be on top of where and how my fans will read my work. I better ride this ebook wave as long as they are around and popular. That’s business for you.

I know someone has an opinion on this, who doesn’t think ebooks will replace physical books? With the current sales why do you still think they won’t?

Peace and luv!


One thought on “Ebooks Outselling Physical Books? B&N Says

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